A Funeral March For The First Cosmonaut

A Funeral March For The First Cosmonaut

(Or Listen to the whispers of the Universe)


Sound installation with an ephemeral radio transmission of the work of the same name (download pdf) by Etel Adnan in Morse code.

7 – 23 March 2024.
Broadcast available on 108 FM.
Exhibited at ANTI Liburudenda (Bookstore).

Conceptual framework → download pdf (in Spanish).

This work is dedicated to the artist and traveling companion Donia Jourabchi, who on the dates in which this sound installation will be exhibited and emitting, will be in Iran, where communications are not free and the Morse code is commonly used by fishermen and the working class.

“I’m a friend, comrades, a friend!” – Yuri Gagarin’s supposed first words upon returning to Earth. He said this to a woman and a girl near where his return capsule landed.