“Life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles” – Guy Debord

Я – Archives is the official repository of works, releases, records and publications. A selection of works available to listen, but not for sale.

“The music economy, a strange industry on the border between the most sophisticated marketing and the most unpredictable craftsmanship, is much more original and heralding the future.” – Jacques Attali

Publishing policy

Not in myspace. Not in Bandcamp. Not in Spotify. Not in SoundCloud. Not in Apple Music. Not in Tidal. Not in Twitter. Not in Facebook. Not in Instagram.

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“Art is not manufacture. Art is not performance. Art is not entertainment. Art is not beauty. Art is not pleasure. Art is not participation in the art world. And art is definitely not commerce. Art is philosophy. Art is putting our true nature on display before ourselves. Because we need to. Art is writing ourselves.” — Alva Noë.