Berlin Bullets

One raw recording with the whole process of buying cocaine: call to the dealer with the delivery address, the waiting process and the purchase process inside the dealer’s car. Recorded in Berlin during the summer of 2017. Not edited. Not mastered. Just pure! This special edition consists in a plastic capsule (Eppendorf). Limited copies!

→ Purchase 50 € (Shipping included) Only available in Berlin.

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The listening process (2) will be exactly the same as it occurs during the recording (1).

1 – Recording process

Buying drugs in Berlin is very easy and comfortable. Usually, the process consists in sending an SMS (not WhatsApp!) with the delivery address to the dealer. The dealer then confirms with a new SMS that he is on his way to the indicated address. The waiting time depends on the day of the week, time of the day and the amount of work he is in encumbered with, as well as the distance to the delivery address. Once the dealer arrives at the indicated address, he sends from his car an SMS saying: “Come out”. Ultimately the customer, alone, accesses the dealer’s car and they drive away slowly around the block of the delivery address. The transaction is made inside the car and after it, the dealer stops his car so that the customer can get off. The purchase process inside the car takes between 1 and 5 minutes.

2 – Listening process

In order to listen to this work, please send me an email or buy it directly via PayPal here. The listening process should be done in a car that will pick you up at your house and drop you off at the same point. Upon listening to this raw recording you will receive a copy of the plastic capsules or bullets with traces of cocaine. All the capsules have been acquired in Berlin.

Legal notes

Possession of cocaine without a medical prescription is illegal. Small amounts for personal consumption may go unpunished for first-time or non-regular offenders, however this varies by state. Usually revocation of a driving license will follow from confiscation of any drug except marijuana, since drug users are considered a road hazard.

Source: Legal Status of cocaine in Germany.

Along with the criminal penalties listed above, an individual who is found in possession of a small amount of cocaine may be subject to civil penalties. A fine of up to $10,000 per violation may be imposed. In deciding the level of the fine, the court may consider the individual’s income and assets.

Source: The Good Drugs Guide

Source: “European Drug Report 2019: Trends and Developments” [download pdf] by European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.