Interstitial Sound

Interstitial Sound

“Prat, prat, prat.” – A frog at El Prat de Llobregat

Interstitial Space is a research project that focuses on the differences between the natural world and the urban world. This project captures the existing reality with sound recordings taken from the intersection between the two worlds, trying to highlight the existing topics in the field of field recordings and soundscapes. The aim is to make a sound archive of these areas that are in constant change and to produce sound and graphic documentation of these landscapes, which are, in many cases, zones with strong contrasts and a reflection of the changes that occur at the social, political and economic levels.

Thresholds and borders are impossible places, full of new possibilities, new landscapes, new blank pages in which to imagine new modes of listening. From this iconoclastic view of the Romantic, bucolic landscape, this project presents a series of recordings made in the natural spaces around the Llobregat Delta and Barcelona International Airport, both located in El Prat de Llobregat, which is unquestionably one of the areas with the greatest biological and urban contrasts in the vicinity of Barcelona.

Acknowledgments: Mª José Albaladejo, Marta Ardiaca, Elena Asensio, Miguel Ayesa, José Manuel Berenguer, Sonia Ciriza, Sonia Espí, Pau Estevan, María Fusté, Andrés Lewin, Lluís Nacenta, Rafa Milán, Albert Montori, Xavi Santaefuemia, Blanca Rego, Luca Rullo and Miguel Soria.

This project was possible with a Phonos Foundation grant (2012 – 2014)


This sound documentary explores the dark areas of the soundscape, where the changes that take place at the social, political, and economic levels are expressed. A research project which focuses on ambivalent landscapes, borderlands, and marginal spaces with differing sound qualities, questioning the stereotypes regarding the soundscape. This podcast is a stereo version for radio of the original eight-channel piece produced for the 2014 public première of the Phonos Grant awarded in 2012. The presentation of the project was a mix of concert, installation, and sound documentary, which favoured clairvoyance in confusion.

The premiére was made as a blind film with eight channels set-up for audio at Phonos Foundation Auditorium, Barcelona (Spain) (2014) After it was published as a stereo podcast by Radio Web Macba (2017)

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