Calle de Cervantes, 1, 28014 Madrid
40.414423807160084, -3.698549944327184

I started recording myself sleeping in 2008. Since then I have recorded myself sleeping many times, in different situations, countries, with people and alone. This recording is the first one of this “personal sleeping archive”. The recording that you can listen to here was done because my flatmate at that time told me that I was talking while I was sleeping and I was curious about it. So I recorded myself one night sleeping with an old Zoom H4 which used to have the possibility of recording only the sounds avoiding the silences. This is it: me waking up and moving in the bed while sleeping. Not resting moments.

a project initiated by artist yan jun 颜峻.
as part of the Manual for a New Neighborhood series.
curator: eric mattson (Le Bloc Oral).