Legítimo / Rezo

Legítimo / Rezo

William Forsythe gives me the outlines of how the solo could possibly work, the content is my choice.” – Jone San Martín.


Legítimo/Rezo is in two parts a stunning solo created by Jone San Martín and William Forsythe and a conversation through dance on the unique process of choreographic creation by William Forsythe with his dancers.
 Jone San Martín, who has worked with William Forsythe since 1992, immerses us in the creative process behind Forsythe’s choreography. Her body becomes a mediator between choreographic writing and interpretation, between guidelines and free improvisation. In defining the way William Forsythe works, she turns to Lawrence Durrell: “Truth disappears with the telling of it. It can only be transmitted.” (Clea, The Alexandria Quartet).

The soundtrack is available here: Hopelessness.


A production of Mercat de les Flors in cooperation with The Forsythe Company.

Interpreted by: Jone San Martín. Concept: William Forsythe, Jone San Martín, Josh Johnson. Music & Sound design: Mikel R. Nieto. Stage: Josh Johnson.

Lucky cities where this show happened: Zaragoza (Spain), Belgrade (Serbia), Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy), Heidelberg (Germany), Foix (France), Berlin (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain) during 2018 – 2019 and Venice (Italy) in 2020.

Video: Dochka Films. Video recorded at B12 Space in Berlin 2019.